The Legend of Elzad
Created for Ludum Dare 24 in under 48 hours
Click To Focus

M to mute music, Shift+M to mute sounds
Arrow keys to move
Z/Y - sword / confirm / open chest
X - shield / cancel
C - equipped item
A/D - change equipped items
Tab/Escape/P - menu

In the current form there is very little direction give and a focus on exploration. If you get lost, feel free to check out this world map.

In a post competition version I plan to add dungeons, puzzles, and bosses. Currently once you've collected all the items (in particular the Diamond Shield and the Planar Ring) you have "completed" the game.

Important: This game utilizes Stage3D, so to run it you'll need a new-ish version of flash. Also, if your computer lacks dedicated graphics, you'll likely get very poor performance due to Stage3D's slow software rendering.